Olympus Camera Comparison

olympus camera comparison

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olympus camera comparison - Olympus Camedia

Olympus Camedia C-5060 5.1 MP Digital Camera w/4x Optical Zoom

Olympus Camedia C-5060 5.1 MP Digital Camera w/4x Optical Zoom

OLYMPUS CAMEDIA C-5060 Zoom Digital Camera -- This 5.1 Megapixel update to the very popular C-5050 camera sports a fast startup time and a very short shutter release time lag -- as little as 0.4 seconds -- so you won't miss capturing another perfect moment! And with the camera's wide angle zoom, composition possibilities are virtually limitless. Saves images to xD-Picture Card, CompactFlash or Microdrive Magnesium body for strength and lightness, with attractive black finish Multimode autoflash Package includes - 32MB xD-Picture Card, USB & Video cables, rechargeable battery, charger, software, manual Size - 3.42H x 4.56W x 2.58D; weighs 14.8 ounces Finish - Black

77% (8)

Canon 60D, Olympus e-pm1, Canon S95

Canon 60D, Olympus e-pm1, Canon S95

Here is a comparison of my cameras. They are, from left to right, a Canon 60D, Olympus e-pm1 (pen mini), and a Canon S95.

The Canon S95 is compact camera. It is the size of a point and shoot. This camera is definitely pocketable. At the time, it had the largest sensor in a body this small. The sensor size is 1/1.7". It provides a little more functionality than a typical point and shoot, as it has modes for Aperture priority, Shutter priority, and full manual. It takes pretty good pictures, especially for a compact. As the ISO increases, the quality goes down pretty fast. It takes excellent quality at ISO 200. The lens is fixed. It has a nice fast aperture of 2.0, but only at its widest zoom.

The Canon 60D is a DSLR, with an APS-C sized sensor. It takes amazing pictures. The quality of its images are clearly better than the other 2 cameras. Its capable of taking excellent quality images through ISO 800, and really good quality through ISO 1600.

The Olympus e-pm1 is a micro four thirds camera. The sensor is smaller than APS-C, but is still pretty big, and a lot larger than 1/1.7. The body size is like a compact, but the lens sticks out, so its just a bit too large to be pocketable. Its capable of taking excellent quality images through ISO 500, and really good quality through ISO 800.

The micro four thirds camera is a great compromise between size and image quality. It is closer in size to a compact, and is closer in image quality to a DSLR.

Olympus detail shot

Olympus detail shot

See any difference with the pink frames on the bottom? How much difference in the blues and oranges at top left? Are the grays neutral or pink looking? Note the sharpness of the calendar photo (flowers at bottom). The Canon, even though its JPEG size is 1/2 the size of the Olympus, captures the dot screen in the flower. This probably is not visible as saved here.

olympus camera comparison

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